Eight Core Technologies

  • Anti-coking Technology Through a series of patent technologies and special designs, Niutech technology improve the raw material heating condition and movement pattern. The unique thermal distribution technology eliminated the existing condition of coking from the basic, while completing the material dynamic evenly heated and fast reaction, so that the production line achieved anti-coking continuous stable operation
  • Hot Air Tight TechnologyNiutech innovatively invented the unique seal techniques combined with “process + structure + material”, through which the operating pressure is always stably controlled within the set value range, and the production line achieves stable dynamic seal under continuous feeding and discharging.
  • Anti-Polymerization TechnologyThe anti-polymerization process and technology independently researched and developed by Niutech, which applied the gas-liquid mixed flow process to quickly reduce the temperature of gas phase output to the design temperature according to the boiling point of the gas phase output, while achieving the rapid separation of gas and liquid, mitigate polymerization possibility, improve oil yield and ensure the long-term stable operation of production line.
  • Key Pyrolysis Factors Optimization TechnologyThe standard single set of pyrolysis equipment, including nearly ten thousand technical parameters, a series of key pyrolysis factors, such as heating temperature, heat transfer surface, heat transfer efficiency, operating pressure, retention time and anti-polymerization techniques, has been systematically designed and repeatedly tested to realize the industrial continuous operation of pyrolysis equipment under the premise of safety and environmental protection
  • Low-temperature Catalytic Pyrolysis TechnologyWith the strong adaptability, high activity, low cost and the function of shape selective catalysis, the catalyst developed by Niutech can avoid over-pyrolysis, reduce the activation energy of pyrolysis reaction and reduce the pyrolysis reaction time so as to save energy, increase the pyrolysis efficiency, improve oil yield and product quality as well as avoid environmental pollution.
  • Combined Gas Purification TechnologyNiutech innovatively researches and develops the unique combined flue gas treatment technology combined with fast cooling process/specific denitration process/desulfurization process/adsorption process, which has the characteristics of high purification efficiency and good purification effect, purify the pollutants such as particulate matter, sulfide and nitrogen oxides. The flue gas emission is in compliance with the most strict local emission requirement.
  • Fully Enclosed Handling TechnologyThe solid outputs are transported in the closed equipment and pipelines, the position where dust leakage may occur is equipped with negative pressure dust collector to ensure leakage-free. The material pyrolysis, oil gas collection and Non-condensable combustible gas transportation are all completed in the closed equipment and pipelines in order to avoid leakage
  • Dedicated Control TechnologyThe whole equipment adopts PLC/DCS automatic intelligent control system, which can carry on real-time monitoring, collection, display, calculation and processing for each single equipment and process control point, and issue corresponding instructions to carry on automatic deviation correction and automatic alarm, to realize intelligent safe operation.

Technical features

  • Wide adaptability of raw materialWith good adaptability and inclusiveness for raw material, the pyrolysis technology has been applied in four sectors of solid waste treatment (scrap tires, waste plastics), soil remediation (oil well sludge, tank-bottom sludge, tower-bottom sludge etc.), hazardous waste treatment and resource recovery.
  • Low processing costThere is not coking issue in the pyrolysis processing at all. The unique heat distribution technology ensures the material evenly heated in the pyrolysis process and enhance the heat transfer efficiency. The scrubbed non-condensable combustible gas could be used as fuel for heat supply, and the flue gas is circulated with heat recovery technology for the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction. The cooling water is circulated in the way of indirect heat exchange. The OPEX is much lower than other domestic or aboard waste treatment processes and methods.
  • Excellent treatment effectUnder fully complete pyrolysis, Niutech pyrolysis rate is better than National Standard that required >99%, that can maximize the recovery of resource with high resource yield rate and quality. For the oil sludge pyrolysis production line, the mineral oil content in solid output after pyrolysis is <0.3%, even can reach to less than 0.05% if needed.
  • Excellent enviromental benefitThe pyrolysis production line can be operated without the impact by the external environmental factors such as weather. In safety and environmental protection aspects, and whole pyrolysis process is completed in the closed pipelines to avoid the dust, VOC leakage issue and the secondary pollution. Under the permise of the safety and environmental protection, it can realize the long-term full load continuous stable operation.
  • Intellegent automationThe production line is highly automated. Through the PLC/DCS automatic intelligent control system, it can monitor, collect, display, calculate, process and issue corresponding instructions for each single equipment and process control point in real time and rectify a deviation automatically and alarm automatically. Intelligent and safe operation is truly realized, and the demand for labor is low.