The plastic recycling value chain includes: plastic production-plastic product production-sales-consumption-recycling-regeneration.

To promote the creation of closed loop of plastics, upstream and downstream enterprises in this value chain must cooperate deeply. Every link in the value chain adds value to plastics, and also endows them with attributes, which will determine the destination of plastic products after use. Only when every link puts the closed-loop concept of plastics in their production practice, and the upstream and downstream enterprises conduct cooperation and communication well, can we build a good closed-loop of plastics.

Establishment of design/evaluation/identification system for recycling of plastic products shall be completed Whether a plastic product can be recycled or not, 80% of its fate has been decided at the time of design. For a design that is not conducive to recycling, such as multi-layer composite film flexible packaging (standing bags, food bags, etc.) containing several incompatible plastics, at present, there is no economical and effective method to separate different plastics for recycling after use, so the solely possible way to recycle them is by adopting single material in design.

Under the guidance of this concept, the United States and Europe have successively issued design guidelines for recycling of plastic products (mainly packaging products). There are a series of product/packaging design guidelines summarized according to the problems encountered in practice by the recycling industry positioned at downstream of the plastic value chain, which help reduce the impurities in plastic recycling, ensure the efficiency of recycling process and improve the quality of recycled plastics.

They have strong practical operability for upstream plastic product designers. They are not “theoretical” green designs made by upstream enterprises based on the superficial understanding of plastic recycling. The effectiveness of this design guide for plastic recyclability makes them widely adopted by upstream enterprises, and on this basis, a complete system of evaluation, certification and identification of plastic recyclability is formed, which leads to the establishment of a unified and standardized standard in the field of plastic recycling.

Association of Plastic Recyclers(APR), Plastic Recycling Association of Europe(PRE) and Australian Packaging Agreement Organization (APCO) are actively promoting this matter in their respective countries and regions. At present, China Synthetic Resin Association Recycling Branch (CPRRA) is cooperating with APR and PRE to build a design/evaluation/marking system of China’s plastic recycling that is in line with international standards and national conditions.

Niutech Environment Technology Corporation actively advocates the harmless treatment and recycling of plastics waste, and conducts in-depth research and development in this field. After years of technical accumulation and time, it has mastered the industrial continuous plastics waste pyrolysis technical and equipment, and realized the chemical recycling disposal of plastics waste on the premise of safety, stability and environmental protection. It is an advanced environmental protection technology in the pyrolysis industry of organic wastes at present, and has played an important role in dealing with global plastic pollution and chemical recycling of recycled plastics.

This set of pyrolysis equipment can treat the plastic waste raw materials with complex components and difficult separation, which cannot be absorbed by traditional physical recovery methods; the pyrolysis rate is more than 99%, and resource recovery and recycling can be realized to the greatest extent. Moreover, the treatment discharging standard meets the requirements of environmental protection, avoiding secondary pollution caused by treatment, and realizing high-value reuse of plastic waste. The pyrolysis technical solution and equipment have been successfully applied to many projects in China, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, India and Iraq, and have been well received, recommended and trusted by our customers.


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