Application Of Scrap Tires After Pyrolysis

Scrap tire pyrolysis technology has become the mainstream technology for scrap tire treatment, and has been actively invested by major tire manufacturers and rubber enterprises. Scrap tires can be turned into treasure through pyrolysis process, and its effective utilization rate is 100%. Scrap tires can be ... Read More
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Understanding Waste Plastics Pyrolysis Technology

With the increasing diversification of waste plastic recycling methods, we expect that waste plastic pyrolysis technology will become the next windfall. Today, the earth is full of plastic waste. On the one hand, the recycling of waste plastics is a headache, and on the other hand, ... Read More
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Global Waste Tire Pyrolysis Projects Are Accelerating Deployment

With the high price of raw materials such as carbon black, scrap tire recycling projects around the world are scrambling to expand. Recently, Canadian manufacturer Clariant has increased its capacity expansion by establishing its 16th global subsidiary in Australia. In addition, Scandinavian Enviro Systems, another company ... Read More

Development Process of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Project

The technology of converting waste plastic into oil began in the 1980s, but there was no large-scale industrialization of the emergence. Most of the projects at that time were in the form of small production workshops, with backward process and rudimentary equipment, lacking high-value recycling ... Read More