Technology丨The six key factors and industry difficulties of pyrolysis process

Pyrolysis technology is an effective measure to the reductive, harmless and recycling treatment of waste polymers. Heating temperature, heat transfer surface,heat transfer efficiency, operating pressure, retention time and anti-polymerization techniques are the six key factors of pyrolysis process and equipment.  Heating temperature Heating temperature is ... Read More

Industry benchmark/ The national standard of Niutech as the first drafting party is officially released!

On 30th April 2021, State Administration for Market Regulation and National Standardization Management Committee released national standard announcement No.5 in 2021 which approved Technical specification of pyrolysis of waste tyre/rubber etc. national standards. National Standard Technical specification of pyrolysis of waste tyre/rubber(GB/T 40009-2021)of Niutech as ... Read More