What Does Plastic Damage To The Environment?

Millions of tons of plastic hovering in the global ocean, which has recently attracted a lot of media attention. But plastic pollution arguably poses a greater threat to land-based flora and fauna, including humans. The Harm Of Waste Plastics To The Environment Among the plastics ... Read More
waste plastic to oil

How To Solve Plastic Pollution?

Plastic pollution As society develops, human reliance on plastic grows by the day. Because plastic is light, flexible, relatively inexpensive and durable, it can be used in everything from grocery bags to even the nozzles of rockets. Although the problem with plastic stems from its ... Read More

Pyrolysis Technology Is Polular In The Field Of Chemical Recycling

In recent years, due to the policies in the world and the strong investment of international mainstream petrochemical, brand and packaging giants, chemical recycling of waste plastics has become a topic of global concern. Analyzing the results of scientific research and commercial development at home ... Read More

Adcanced Recycling Solves Plastic Pollution

On how to solve the plastic pollution problem, Ignacio Gavilan, director of sustainability at The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), says advanced recycling may not be the perfect solution to plastic pollution, but in some cases, it’s the best answer we have. It is urgent to ... Read More