Adcanced Recycling Solves Plastic Pollution

On how to solve the plastic pollution problem, Ignacio Gavilan, director of sustainability at The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), says advanced recycling may not be the perfect solution to plastic pollution, but in some cases, it’s the best answer we have. It is urgent to ... Read More

Solid Waste Management By Pyrolysis Technology

Japan is one of the most successful countries in environmental governance due to its environmental protection actions involving a wide range of government, business, social groups and nationals. First of all, the combination of a sound legal system and effective supporting policies. Its strict and detailed legislation ... Read More

What Can Tyres Be Recycled Into?

In recent years, car ownership in China has gradually increased in line with the living standards of the masses. This has given rise to the question of what to do with the waste tyres removed from cars. In order to be more durable, tires are ... Read More