With the development of the automobile industry, the generation of scrap tires is also increasing. According to the World Environmental Health Organization, the worldwide accumulation of scrap tires has reached 3 billion and is growing at a rate of about 1 billion per year.

As a recyclable polymer material, the recycling of scrap tires has attracted the attention of countries all over the world. Looking to the 21st century, the recycling of scrap tires will be the “E industry” (environmental protection industry) and new industry in the knowledge economy.

China is a large producing and using country of tires. In 2021, China’s rubber tire outer tire production is 899 million. The amount of scrap tires generated is about 330 million, this is more than 1 billion in the world. The amount of scrap tires generated is growing year by year. If improperly disposed of, it will not only bring about environmental impact and safety hazards, but also cause waste of resources.

At present, four business sections have been formed: scrap tire retreading, scrap tire production of recycled rubber, scrap tire production of rubber powder, and scrap tire (rubber) pyrolysis.

Considering the cost, benefit and environmental factors, continuous pyrolysis is the most scientific and reasonable way to treat scrap tires.

After more than 30 years of research and development accumulation, Niutech has mature technology and products in the field of scrap tire treatment, and has formed a large-scale industrial application in the world.

It mainly treats scrap tire rubber by continuous pyrolysis, and outputs recycled oil, carbon black and steel wire after the pyrolysis treatment, which realizes the resourceful, harmless and reduced disposal of scrap tires under the premise of safety, environmental protection and continuous and stable operation.

With the price of crude oil has gone up, the price of recycled oil has also gone up, and the market demand is high. The price of carbon black has remained high since 2022, and its demand remains high as an important industrial raw material; steel wire is an important industrial resource as a raw material for steel making.

All the products of scrap tire pyrolysis can obtain good economic  benefits with a stable to upward market demand.

The pyrolysis production line consists of feeding system, pyrolysis system, oil separation and cooling system, NCG scrubbing system, flue gas purification system, discharge system, circulating water cooling system and electrical control system.

The pyrolysis process is carried out in the closed equipment, and the transport pipeline is also sealed to avoid dust leakage and output leakage; the flue gas purification system has the characteristics of high purification efficiency and good purification effect, which purifies and treats the pollutants such as particulate matter, sulfide and nitrogen oxides, and the emission index of relevant pollutants in the outgoing flue gas meets the most stringent emission index requirements of all project sites.

The above picture is a scrap tire treatment base located in Brazil, South America. The project adopts the technology and equipment of Niutech, mainly treating car tires and truck tires with an annual capacity of 30000 tons, and the output carbon black is processed and used in the pigment industry such as ink. With this set of technology and equipment, the base has not only solved the problem of local black pollution, but also gained good economic benefits.

In a scrap tire treatment base in Germany, the word “Niutech” can be seen on the equipment, which also uses the technology and equipment of Niutech. It used to treat scrap tires to obtain recycled oil and carbon black, etc. Niutech pyrolysis equipment has reached the strict requirements of the EU and Germany in terms of environmental protection and technical performance.

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