Plastic waste is the highest generated solid waste all around the world nowadays. Even plastic limit policy has been issued for many years, the global plastic pollution is still worse than ever. Each year, about 400 million tons of plastic waste are produced, but only 9% was recycled, most of it was incinerated or being exposed to the nature environment directly.

Causing of Plastic Pollution

  • Excessive use of plastics

One of the major reasons that causing plastic pollution was due the excessive use of plastics in modern society. Normally plastic is being used as packing material, and also it often showed up in the form of polyester which has been wildly used in fashion industry.  

Moreover, it usually being made into plastic bottles as the container for our drinking water.   

  • Cheap price

Comparing with other materials, plastic is fairly cheaper. It is so far the cheapest material available for packing and other purposes. Therefore, most of the products of our daily lives contain plastic, because industries always maximize profit at the lowest cost.

  • Inappropriate disposal

In many countries, the inappropriate or even illegal disposal of plastics is a huge problem, especially in the developing countries. In order to take out plastic waste, usually, it was either incinerated or landfilled which are both inappropriate. Especially incineration of plastics can lead to toxic emissions.

Plastic waste has been polluting our living environment all the time, this also include oceans. Due to the COVID-19, tons of the plastic waste from the protection gears and packing are directly littered into the environment which has worsen the pollution. Waste in the ocean and plastic waste can cause negative effect on every aspect of the nature environment and human society.

Plastic Pollution Control

Usually, three methods were engaged in managing plastic pollution are energy recycling, physical recycling and chemical recycling. Traditional incineration for heat supply and power generation belongs to energy recycling; pelleting and reuse belongs to physical recycling; new resources obtained from plastic polymer decomposition through chemical treatment belongs to chemical recycling.

The above mentioned recycling methods are supplementing with each other. However, chemical recycling has outstanding advantages on both environmental and economic sides compared with the others.

Plastic waste pyrolysis falls into the category of chemical recycling, which can process all kinds of plastic, and there is no need of separation classification procedure that can save a lot on labor costs. Also there is no pollution during the whole pyrolysis procedure and the generated fuel has high economic value.

Chemical recycling is so called advanced recycling, and it is the most valuable technology for processing plastic waste. It represents the development direction of plastic waste management.

Industrial Continuous Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Production Line – plastic waste processing technic and proposal from China

This is a production line for chemical recycling of plastic waste, it has been used for resource disposal of the plastic waste.

Polymer in the plastics being turned back into micromolecule or monomer state through complete decomposing inside the enclosed pyrolysis reactor, and becomes fuel oil, solid fuel and non-condensable combustible gas. This has realized resouceful, hazardous-free and minimized disposal. The whole process can greatly reduce the CO2 emission and does not create pollution; And its output can be processed further in making new plastic and substantially lowered the consumption of petroleum resources.

plastic waste pyrolysis Denmark

Niutech plastic waste pyrolysis technology and equipment has been installed in a plastic waste disposal project in Denmark, this project has acquired investment and recognition by the global chemical giant BASF; and it has created satisfactory economic benefits.

Such set of technical proposal has been widely applied in China and created favorable economic and environmental benefits.

This set of technology and equipment has been fully verified by the market, Niutech will also expand its business all around the world and accelerate distribution of industrial application. Niutech has signed deals with clients from the UK, US and South Korean one after another, all the projects will be installed one by one. All the projects offer powerful technical support and solutions for local plastic pollution management, it can create good economic benefit and realize environmental protection at the same time.


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