waste tire pyrolysis plant

Waste tire pyrolysis process is a waste tire disposal method. Its principle is to use the thermal instability of organic substances in tires to obtain high value-added products such as tire oil, carbon black, steel wire and combustible gas by heating the tires under anaerobic or low oxygen reduction conditions.

Is The Waste Tire Pyrolysis Process Environmentally Friendly?

Compared to direct incineration, tire pyrolysis can achieve better resource recovery results and is more environmentally friendly.

Firstly, pyrolysis of waste tires does not produce carbon dioxide, and is a low-carbon process that is more in line with the global trend of “carbon reduction”.

Secondly, tire pyrolysis machine produces less waste and can achieve almost 100% recycling, which is the most efficient way to deal with waste tires.

Thirdly, the tire pyrolysis reaction is carried out in a closed cracking furnace, which does not cause VOCs and dust leakage problems, and there is no secondary pollution, which can avoid pollution to the atmospheric environment.

Pyrolysis, as the ultimate treatment method for waste tires, is highly efficient, easy to operate, essentially maintenance-free, safe and has low labor requirements. It is also a sustainable and recyclable method, and its treatment products are high value-added resource and energy products, and therefore also have high economic benefits.


Application of waste Tire Pyrolysis Products

Steel wire can be used to make steel basic materials such as metal abrasives, and can also be used to make steel. It is a popular raw material in the metallurgical industry.

Carbon black has high application value and has been widely used in automobile tires and various rubber products, electrode materials, composite materials, inks, asphalt modifiers, masterbatch, etc.

Pyrolysis oil is a kind of fuel oil with low viscosity and high calorific value, which can be widely used for industrial heating. After further refinement, pyrolysis oil can replace diesel and be used in diesel burners, generators and agricultural machinery, achieving energy substitution.

So far, the field of tire pyrolysis is small in scale, competitive and mature in technology. However, due to its environmental protection and economic advantages, more and more countries and regions around the world have begun to use this method to dispose of waste tires.

waste tire pyrolysis plant

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