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There are about 1 billion waste tires globally every year. The composition of tires is relatively complex and is composed of rubber, steel wire, fiber and other materials. In the past, waste tires have always been difficult to deal with and were called “black pollution”. The recycling capacity and comprehensive utilization level of waste tires are one of the important indicators of a country’s economic development.

The impact of waste tires on the environment and resources has become increasingly prominent. The traditional processing methods are incineration and landfill. But these methods will bring serious pollution and at the same time fail to realize the recycling of resources. The difficulty of waste tire disposal makes people seek for more environmentally friendly and efficient methods. The emergence of Niutech waste tire pyrolysis equipment provides a new idea of sustainable and efficient waste tire recycling solution.

tire pyrolysis equipment

Industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis equipment independent research and development by Niutech is a high quality pyrolysis plant. It can realize the safe and environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient disposal of waste tires.

It uses proprietary waste heat recycling technology and non-condensable combustible gas purification technology to reduce fuel consumption and flue gas emissions. Meanwhile, the standard burners and heat supply device greatly reduce the generation of NOx and SOx, the flue gas emission indicators are better than the current emission standards in China, and in line with the European Union EEA and U.S. EPA standards. The whole production process has no secondary pollution, realizing the recycling of waste tires.

Waste tire pyrolysis equipment can produce pyro oil, carbon black, steel wire and other high value-added products. Tire pyrolysis oil has low viscosity, high calorific value, high light fraction content and relatively low heavy fraction content. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications and is a truly waste-to-energy plant.

In addition, waste tire pyrolysis can also produce high-quality carbon black. Due to the higher yield, the income even exceeds that of pyrolysis oil. Carbon black has been used in new tire manufacturing and various rubber products, electrode materials, composite materials, inks, asphalt modifiers, masterbatch, etc., and has high application value. Besides, steel wire can be used to make metal abrasives, steel wire cutting pills and other basic steel materials.

Nowadays, there are two main types of waste tire pyrolysis equipment: batch pyrolysis equipment and continuous pyrolysis equipment. Batch pyrolysis equipment has shortcomings such as low efficiency, small processing capacity, high energy consumption, high cost, potential safety hazards, and short service life. In contrast, continuous pyrolysis equipment solves these drawbacks. The entire production line operates continuously and is not limited by the storage bin space. The entire production line operates continuously and is not limited by the storage bin space, with the  advantages of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and long service life.

Niutech also extends its services to the entire waste tire disposal chain, providing customers with integrated solutions. At present, the equipment has been successfully exported to dozens of countries and regions, such as the United States, Britain, South Korea, etc. Niutech is committed to becoming the world’s leading company in the organic waste pyrolysis industry. We will continue to innovate to improve product quality and service levels, create greater value for customers, promote the development of the world’s circular economy, and create a sustainable green industrial chain.

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