As the world attaches increasing importance to environmental protection and resource recycling, scrap tires recycling also become the research focus. As a pollutant, waste tire also have resource attributes. How to properly dispose and utilize waste tires has always been our research direction.

The technological innovation of turning tyres into diesel fuel is a key solution to this problem.

The principle of waste tire pyrolysis plant

The waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts pyrolysis technology to convert waste tires into pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire. In the oxygen-free or oxygen-poor environment, the pyrolysis system function is to complete the pyrolysis reaction of decomposing waste tires into small molecular organic. These small molecular organic compounds mainly include hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds. After advanced processing, high-quality fuel can be extracted.

Practical application of waste tire pyrolysis equipment

Waste tire pyrolysis plant has a wide range of functions in practical applications. First at all, it can reduce the black pollution. Waste tires are difficult to be degraded, will not only affect the beauty of the environment, but also cause serious pollution to soil and groundwater. Through pyrolysis treatment, waste tires can be converted into valuable resources and the environmental damage caused by them can be avoided.

In addition, waste tire pyrolysis equipment can supply fuel oil. With the increasing global energy demand, finding new sources has become an important issue. Through the processing of waste tire pyrolysis equipment, waste tires can be converted into fuel oil, which provides a new way for the sustainable development of energy.

Furthermore, the waste tire pyrolysis equipment can also promote the recycling of resources. Waste tires contain a large amount of organic substances, which can be converted into carbon black and other resources. These resources can be used to produce new tires or other industrial products, thus maximizing the use of resources.

However, there are many factors also needs to be considered, such as production cost, maintenance, safety and other issues in practical application. In the future, continuous technical research and development and improvement are also necessary to further improve the efficiency and practicality of the waste tire refinery equipment.

Against the background of increasing environmental protection awareness, further research and application of pyrolysis technology has achieved remarkable results. Waste tire pyrolysis equipment has been widely industrialized and applied in many countries around the world.

Niutech, a company focusing on the research, development and application of waste tire pyrolysis technology and equipment, has sold and safely operated its equipment worldwide. At present, the complete sets of waste tire pyrolysis machine by Niutech have established projects in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Brazil, and so on, which not only solved the problem of waste tire pollution, but also created good economic and environmental benefits for the local community.

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