On July 29, 2022, the green recycled plastics specification system “Zai” logo was officially released. This is another important breakthrough after the Green Recycled Plastics Supply Chain Joint Working Group (GRPG) released the “Hui” label. It will open a new chapter of green recycled plastics supply chain and lead the establishment and development of green low-carbon recycling system in plastics industry. The “Zai” logo is designed to reduce plastic from the source, and the “Hui” logo is designed to make recycled plastics traceable.

The word “Zai” is taken from the Chinese character, which represents repetition and succession and symbolizes cycle. This is in line with the concept of circular economy of plastics, so that more plastic waste can be fully recycled.

The Chinese character “Hui” evocatively imitates the meaning of recycling, which is in line with the concept of circular economy of plastics. The blue color of the logo is the same as the color of the garbage sorting recyclables logo, and the counterclockwise double arrow shape indicates plastic recovery and recycling.

On February 1, 2021, GRPG’s General Rules for Evaluation of Easy-to-Recycle and Easy-to-Renew Design of Plastic Products (hereinafter referred to as Double Easy Design Standard) was officially implemented. This is China’s completely independent design standard system for easy recycling and recyclability of plastic products, which will improve the recycling rate and high-value utilization of waste plastics from the source and fill the gap of design standards for easy recycling and recyclability of plastic products. The “Zai” standard of the green recycled plastic specification system was officially released. Recycling companies and brands that use green plastic recycled content in their products can apply for certification. It can be said that this is another masterpiece after the double easy design system, which has Chinese characteristics and is in line with international standards.

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