On 30th April 2021, State Administration for Market Regulation and National Standardization Management Committee released national standard announcement No.5 in 2021 which approved Technical specification of pyrolysis of waste tyre/rubber etc. national standards.

National Standard Technical specification of pyrolysis of waste tyre/rubber(GB/T 40009-2021)of Niutech as the first drafting party, be  reported and implemented by National Standardization Technical Committee for Product Recycling and Management. The competent department is the National Standardization Management Committee. The standard will be implemented on 1st November 2021.

With the rapidly development of China waste recycling industry and continuously improvement of scrap tire waste/rubber pyrolysis technology, it is urgent to release the National Standard for guiding industry normative development. With the leading position, Niutech as the first drafting party, together with the China National Institute of Standardization and China Tire Recycling Association leads excellent enterprises in the industry to form a standard drafting group, responsible for the drafting and revision of standards.

This standard specific scrap tires/waste rubber pyrolysis production line terms concepts, basic requirements, process technology requirements, equipment technology requirements, comprehensive utilization of resources products, pollutant discharge controlling and marks, packaging, transportation;  the environmental influence assessment, designation, completion acceptance and operation management which are suitable for scrap tire/waste rubber pyrolysis production line, and also for the new built, rebuilt and expanded scrap tire/waste rubber pyrolysis production line equipment.

Niutech: Hunan scrap tire pyrolysis project

Pyrolysis production of waste tires and waste rubber has a history of more than 20 years in China. There has never been a unified technical specification, which has led to the rampant “crude method of oil extraction”, causing the serious environmental pollution, frequent safety accidents, even make a relatively bad impact to the society and seriously hindered the proper development of the industry.

This standard provides the basis and specification for the environmental impact evaluation, safety production evaluation of the scrap tire/ waste rubber pyrolysis projects construction. And it also plays an important role for further norming scrap tire waste/rubber pyrolysis equipment market, promoting safety environmental pyrolysis technology and equipment, eliminating the lagging production process and equipment. There is positive significance to industry technology upgrading and reforming, qualified safety and environmental protection, regulating healthy development. This standard is not only for direct relevance to waste tire and waste rubber pyrolysis enterprises, but also related to all industrial chain upstream and downstream companies which support the national standard. The standard cover a wide range and have a significant impact to the industry.

Niutech high-end pyrolysis equipment manufacturing base
Niutech high-end pyrolysis equipment manufacturing base

Niutech will give full play to the leading role of industry leaders, and cooperate with the China National Institute of Standardization, China Tire Recycling Association and other industry authorities, and cooperate with high-quality enterprises in the industry to actively promote the implementation of the standard, and guide the pyrolysis industry to the sustainable direction with standardization, continuous, safety and green!

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