earth in plastic trash

Plastics, which are present in all aspects of people’s lives, are playing an increasingly important role. While the use of plastics is becoming more and more extensive, plastic waste is also generated in large quantities. In 2015, more than 300 million tons of plastic products were produced globally, and humans have produced more than 9.1 billion tons of plastic since the 1950s. “By 2050, more than 13 billion tons of waste plastics will be discarded in landfills and the environment.”

In 2010, up to 12 million tons of plastic waste entered the ocean.

That’s the equivalent of a truckload of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean every minute.

3,400 Coca-Cola plastic bottles are thrown away every second.

So far, there are more than five trillion pieces of plastic debris in the oceans, orbiting the Earth more than 400 times.

earth in plastic trashThis plastic debris destroys entire ecosystems and kills millions of marine life every year. At the same time, new forms of plastic waste such as microplastics and plastic fragments will appear in the food chain, and thus enter drinking water and tables, seriously threatening human health.

The current recycling rate of plastic waste around the world is extremely low, and their disposal is limited to single-component plastic products and high-value plastic products. The current mainstream plastic waste disposal methods are mainly through landfills and incineration, which are often accompanied by high disposal risks and environmental pressure.

Niutech Pyrolysis has carried out long-term stable operation of several waste plastic pyrolysis projects. To realize the global development of the chemical cycle of waste plastics and completely solve the problem of white pollution caused by waste plastics, human beings must achieve global joint efforts and cooperation.

Generally speaking, we need to start from two aspects. On the one hand, we must form a correct concept of environmental protection, and on the other hand, we must rely on advanced waste plastic treatment technology to realize the green recycling of waste plastics.

The industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis machine developed by Niutech can effectively turn waste plastic into fuel oil, combustible gas and solid fuel, and realize the full recycling of waste plastics, which has a high economic and environmental benefits.

The whole set of pyrolysis technical equipment has passed the EU CE certification, German TUV certification, ATEX certification, and has been applied in more than a dozen countries such as China, Germany, USA, UK, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, Iraq, India, Thailand, etc.

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