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With the increasing diversification of waste plastic recycling methods, we expect that waste plastic pyrolysis technology will become the next windfall. Today, the earth is full of plastic waste. On the one hand, the recycling of waste plastics is a headache, and on the other hand, the uncontrolled exploitation of limited resources for the production of plastics has put mankind in a dilemma.

We all know that the traditional model of plastic production is “new plastic – waste plastic – recycling – recycled plastic (many times) – waste”. –waste”. In this model, plastic is an irreversible process from production to the end of use. Waste plastic undergoes continuous downgrading and eventually comes to the fate of being disposed of as waste. However, the process of converting waste plastic into oil can realize the “new plastic – waste plastic – plastic oil – new plastic ” resource closed loop.

It is reported that the oil yield of waste plastic pyrolysis technology can be as high as 90% or more, and the solid waste residue can also be harmlessly treated. This technology solves the problem of harmless disposal of plastic waste. It can not only save the increasingly scarce oil resources, but also a good way to run a circular economy. Therefore, the technological competition among countries in this field is very fierce.

waste plastic recyclingIn addition, related petroleum companies, environmental protection companies, and rubber companies have joined in. At present, the waste plastic pyrolysis oil technology in developed countries is relatively mature, such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Envion Company of the United States, JBI Company of Canada, SITA Company of the United Kingdom, and FISSOREAGENCY Company of Italy. Industrial application of pyrolysis oil technology, and there are already projects under construction in various places.

Recently, petrochemical oil companies such as Sinopec and SABIC have invested heavily in pyrolysis field. Some domestic and foreign environmental protection technology companies have also made substantial technological breakthroughs. Nevertheless, the industrialization of this technology requires a strong guarantee.

First of all, waste plastic pyrolysis equipment is large-scale equipment. Secondly, the garbage produced in daily life requires strict screening and treatment in the early stage, instead of direct pyrolysis treatment. Therefore, from the perspective of economic benefits, a series of factors such as raw material acquisition and processing costs, production capacity, factory operating costs, and output recycling profits also restrict the development of this technology.

Niutech already has many successful large continuous waste plastic pyrolysis projects around the world. It has mastered the industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology, and has carried out technical cooperation with many large enterprises including BASF. In terms of benefits and performance, this technology has great advantages and has brought industrialization support to the waste plastic pyrolysis technology.

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