Exploration And Realization Of “Zero Waste city” Construction

Zero waste city is an advanced urban management concept. It emphasizes not only the environmental protection, but the higher resurce ultilization, and better development effects. Constructing zero waste city is a powerful means to deepen solid waste management from the overall of the city, and ... Read More

Niutech Will Be Wating For You In Munich IFAT 2022

The latest IFAT 2022 will be held at the Munich Exhibition Center from May 30 to June 3, 2022. IFAT Munich is one of the most grand globally exhibition in environment protection field, recognized as the global wind vane in this industry. In China, IFAT is ... Read More

Recycling Method And Technology Of Scrap Tire

The black pollution caused by scrap tire has been continuously harming our environment, according to the statistics, over 1 billion scrap tires are produced globally per year. Scrap tire takes up lots of environmental space and can not be biodegraded. Besides, the scrap tire contains ... Read More